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Having just squeezed into the play-offs in 2014 after a mediocre 2013, the Broncos will be hoping to continue again this year. The solid pack bolstered by Kiwi Adam Blair and potentially explosive backline including ex-Canberra wonderkid Anthony Milford will be dressed to impress in yet another beauty from Nike.(

At first this home kit seems a confusing mesh of two designs: a classy, simple maroon on top; and ever-increasing yellow bars underneath that look like some kind of 1970s computer game, or Tronish as we shall now call it.

But together it works seamlessly, with the sponsors in the middle and on the sleeves sitting in the background rather than hogging the limelight.

It’s nice to see a shirt that doesn’t conform to the usual styles and conventions of jersey design, and while the stripes along the bottom might be unconventional, they definitely work well.

The away takes its cue from last season’s home shirt, with a diagonal sash bisecting the Broncos’ maroon and gold. However this year they’ve reversed the colours to have the yellow as the predominant colour underneath, with the dividing line more of a blur than a stark edge.

Neither of these things bother us, but with the yellow now behind the sponsor, it means the lettering is now a dark maroon and no longer white, which added a nice contrast. A good shirt then, just not quite as nice as last year’s.

On the whole, both of these shirts show once again that Nike is one of the most consistently progressive shirt designers out there – they might not make too many rugby shirts any more, but when they do, they’re worth seeing. These might not please the purists, but we can’t complain about either.

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Until this season, Brisbane had enjoyed one of the longest kit sponsor partnerships in rugby league – the Broncos had been with Nike since the late 90s, but as the USA sportswear giant continues its sad gradual withdrawal from both codes of the sport, that relationship has come to a close, and league specialist ISC have jumped on board with one of the classic shirts of the sport. (

The Broncos classic home recipe is a maroon shirt with a yellow bottom quarter, usually separated by several white stripes, and for the past few years, Nike has been taking that concept and putting subtle modern spins on it. ISC’s approach, however, is to take things back to a specific time and place.

The new Broncos home shirt hasn’t gone full retro (though next year, that would be a great idea!) instead ISC has opted to take us back to 2000, and Brisbane’s glorious Grand Final-winning campaign.

With its two thick white stripes bisecting the shirt, combined with white stripes running across the sleeve seams and distinctive gold sleeve cuffs, this is basically a modern take on the shirt the Broncos wore in 2000 – and why on earth not?

Compared to last season’s lovely, unusual chevron-tastic away shirt, this year’s change design seems a little bit plain, but frankly that’s not always a bad thing – and it’s not the first time that the Broncos have often embraced the clean look for their alternate designs either.

So what we have here is a very subtle traditional white away jersey, with just a little bit of maroon piping around the bottom, and some really very lovely gold and maroon stripes midway down both sleeves.

The only other non-sponsor ornamentation is a cool stylised ‘B’ on the back of the neck, which is echoed on the home shirt.

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